Amy Furey

Online Portfolio

I have 4 years experience working in the film and television industry. My first role was as a Junior Animator at Impossible TV on the children's TV series 'Gaspard and Lisa'. In addition to animation fixes, I was responsible for ensuring the continuity was correct and the creation of episode stills for marketing purposes.

My next role at Cinesite gave me my first taste of working in the Visual Effects industry as a data operator and render wrangler. From this position I was excited to get a glance into the production pipeline and be a part of the film industry.

During this time I taught myself Maya, and discovered I had a particular passion for rigging, and continued to teach myself MEL and later python through watching online tutorials and showing my work to my peers. I also completed my training in 3DEqualiser and was forunate to work in a variety of roles including stereo prep/qc, rotomation and matchmoving at Cinesite and Framestore.

I hope to continue my career in VFX and am keen to expand on my knowledge, skills and experience.